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If your trying to make a lot of money in Thailand Teaching English is NOT the way to do it.

In order to teach English you'll need to get a TOEFL certificate and do some training, the market is very competitive and don't expect pay rises as you gain experience.

All “naturals” have routines – they just use their own routines. Do you want to spice up the delivery of your stories? Build your own jokes based on your cool adventures?

Selling your Thai girlfriend to other foreigners can be extremely lucrative and a way to make a lot of money in Thailand, is that something you really want to do though?

Many a foreigner either corrupt young girls who aren't in the business or find someone who already is and then get customers through the Internet as well as bars.

But if that's not your thing try one of the following top 10 list of ways to make money in Thailand.

Teaching English in Thailand is a decent and fair way to make money in Thailand, it does have it's pitfalls though.

Most English teachers make around 30,000 baht per month, this is a good wage in Thailand and you can live of that but the hours stress and general unwillingness to learn from the Thai students may have you questioning why you decided to take the job.